Monday, November 14, 2011

Favorite Finds

I recently purchased a glass business card holder from Barbara of Bee-Dazzled Designs.

Isn't it wonderful!

Barbara etched it with both my shop names, and included sewing motif designs such as a sewing machine, thimble, quilt block, needle and thread. There are even buttons etched on the bottom.

In addition, she included this lovely beveled edge heart ornament for me as a gift.

It will hang on my Christmas tree, and I will use it as a sun catcher in my sewing room all year long.

Bee-Dazzled has many wonderful designs to choose from in her shop - ornaments, vases, bowls, bakeware, trinket boxes and more.  Plus, it all can be personalized.  I'm sure you can find the perfect gift for someone this holiday season.  And don't worry about shipping glass, Barbara's packaging is very secure and safe.

Happy Shopping,


  1. Thanks for sharing Bee-dazzled with us. I will go check out her shop!

  2. These are both great! As you know, I have a thing for personalized items :)

  3. Very cool! I like both items.