Monday, October 24, 2011


My latest work in progress (I have lots of them). This one is on hold at the moment because my main sewing machine is in the shop for maintenance.

Charms & Jellies Quilt
How about you, do you work on one project start to finish? Or do you generally have multiple works in progress?


  1. Oh, I'm definitely, a multiple projects type gal. As a result, I have way too many UFOs. But I'm working on them!

  2. Definitely multiples! Once in awhile I catch up to them but it never stays that way!

  3. I start a project and sometimes never finish it. I have so many to choose from, but I lose steam so fast! I admire anyone who can get project after project completed!

  4. I have more than one sewing machine, too! And I always work on multiple projects at the same time. (The house looks like it!)

  5. What beautiful colors!

    Multiple. Lots of multiple projects :)

  6. Hm... I tend to work on only one at a time.

    Especially if I'm at the conceptualization stage. Although I remember a time when I would have many projects going at once.
    It didn't work too well for me though; I rarely finishing them!