Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thankful Sunday

Today I am thankful for clean windows.  Just in time to enjoy the colors of the soon changing leaves.

I like to wash the windows in the Spring, and again in the Fall before winter sets in.  Yesterday was the day.  I washed all the windows inside and out, without going outside, thanks to the tilt-in style windows we have.   We didn't always have this type of windows.  In fact the last place we lived was nearly impossible to clean the windows inside and out.  So I am very thankful for being able to clean them thoroughly.  

When my husband and I were first married, we washed windows as a second job for extra money.  We still have the tools from that time period (like squeegees and a long bucket), which definitely make the job easier.

Even though I don't always enjoy the task,  it always feels good after finishing something that makes my home cleaner or more orderly.  How about you, is there a project you been itching to get done around the house?


  1. I isn't fun, but it sure is nice once it's done :)

  2. Enjoy your nice clean windows! It feels good to have a chore like that done.

  3. I have been blessed at this time in my life to have someone to clean for me every other week. But there are still things I like to do out the refrigerator for instance. There's something about a squeaky clean fridge that makes me smile. blessings, marlene