Wednesday, August 31, 2011

52 Week Challenge - Week 35

This week's project is a bit lame I'm afraid.  I made this sand and shell magnet as a sample for a childrens fellowship craft for church. We also made tambourines out of  paper plates and jingle bells (the children loved making those), but mine got lost somehow.

I have several projects in process, so hopefully next week's post will be a little more substantial.

If you would like to add a finished project of your own, click on the Linky tool below.

To read more about the 52 week challenge, click here.


  1. Giving kids permission to have fun creating things is not lame, so neither is your frig magnet.

    Even God took a day off after 6 days of creating--and you've been creating for 35 weeks.

  2. Haha pasque, thanks for the encouragement :O)