Wednesday, May 25, 2011

52 Week Challenge - Week 21

Still working on that baby quilt, but I did finish an outdoor project this week. Pictured below is a strip of newly weeded and freshly planted grass seed on the step side of our pool. As you can see, the pool isn't opened for the season yet. I am hoping for soft green grass to stand on when we get out of the pool this summer.
 I also completed some children's crafts for the 4-7 year old group at our church.  The butterfly craft was my favorite.  The design came from Family Fun magazine.  It is a great recycling craft because magazine pages are used for the wings.

I made mine a magnet, you can never have too many of those
I don't know about you, but it seems the weeks are getting shorter the closer to summer we get.  Or is it that there is just so much more to do? 

Can't wait to see what you've crafted, or a project you've finished this week.  We are on week 21!


  1. I love the crafts your made! The butterfly is also my favourite :)
    I can't wait for summer - your pool area looks lovely!

  2. Weeks are getting shorter!!! I love Family Fun so many cute ideas in there!

  3. that butterfly is beautiful! I think the older you get, the faster the weeks... they're zipping by {:-D