Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's That I Spy....

The signs of Spring!
Peeking out from under the dead overwintered leaves are my strawberry plants.  They've come back for another summer.  I hope to get lots of berries from them, if the birds don't beat me to it.

The last of the snow is gone from my yard.  Lots of work is ahead tending to the exuberant life about to explode all around. Barefoot, sleeveless, swimming, walking the neighborhood, eating peas fresh from the garden, long days of sunshine, and perfect temperatures.

My favorite season has begun!


  1. so exciting! I think we're going to plant a small strawberry patch this year - my 4 year old really wants one and she's actually a really good gardener. Since I have a black thumb I'll encourage whatever she wants AND it's hard to beat fresh strawberries!

  2. That sounds so good!!
    Isn't spring wonderful!

  3. I guess you have to get up pretty early to beat the birds! I've thought about planting in a strawberry planter -- maybe I'll do that this year!

  4. Spring is my favorite season! Strawberries sound good right now...

  5. Strawberries fresh from the garden are simply the best!

  6. Yay! Your strawberry plants have survived. We've been having spring showers (well, more like torrential downpours) here and everything is already exploding into life as a result. I love spring, too! :)