Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Round Up - 52 Week Challenge

I thought you might like to see the projects we finished this month all in one place.  I know some of you finished even more than these.  Isn't the variety and creativity amazing!  

Whether you participated all four weeks, or one, I am very glad you are here.  Congratulations to all of us!

Jan Beane

Meaghan Louise Chiltern


Fabric Fascination

It has been a fun month working on UFO's and some new projects too.  I have been inspired and encouraged by all the participants in this challenge and your wonderful creations.

Bring on February!

Let's Get Busy,


  1. Great recap!! We are *awesome*!!

  2. Love to see what I accomplished :) I'm not going to miss any more weeks! lol

  3. Hi! In the January round - up, one of my weeks is missing :) I had 2 valentine runners, they looked similar, but they were different. I thought I was even more of a slacker :)

  4. Thanks Quilting Diva, I've updated the list.