Wednesday, February 23, 2011

52 Week Challenge - Week 8

Week 8, hooray!

I finished a set of batik placemats this week.  My daughter says they look Asian.  I was thinking of naming them Serenity, because I can always use more of that.

We had another busy weekend with family visiting.  One night, we all went roller skating.  From the youngest to the oldest, we all enjoyed ourselves.  I will admit that it took a couple of minutes for me to get my body into a comfortable roller skating groove, but then gliding around the rink was lots of fun.

What have you been up to this week?

Let's get busy,


  1. Kym, your placemats are beautiful. And your daughter is right...they do look Asian.

  2. I really like those placemats! Serenity is a great name for them!

  3. Thanks Judy and Christine. I am happy to report that they've sold already, along with a custom order for two more. Yippee!

  4. Nice placemats and I agree they do look Asian inspired!