Wednesday, January 5, 2011

52 Weeks - Week 1

Here's my finished project for week #1. 

 It is a selvage backpack style bag, which I've listed in my kimbuktu shop.  The selvages are from Sandy Gervais line Adoring for Moda.  They were given to me in a jelly roll of selvages as a gift from fellow Etsian.  I had fun making this bag because I learned a new and better way of putting in the lining.

While working on the bag, I was thinking about why I sometimes procrastinate in finishing up projects I've started.  I came up with several reasons.
  • The prep ~ just getting started is the hardest part sometimes.  Getting the tools and supplies together, making sure I have everything needed for the project, preparing the work area etc.
  • Getting bored with the process and running out of steam.  It is often more interesting to start a new project for me, than to finish up one that has become dull.
  • Striving for Perfection ~ I can be excited and moving toward completion on a project, and then find an imperfection in my work which takes the joy right out of the process and drags me to a halt. 

And it is all about process for me.  Finishing a task is not as important to me as enjoying the process. While I am not trying to change what makes me, me, I am hoping this 52 week challenge will help get me over these procrastination hurdles and in the habit of finishing.

What about you, do you sometimes have problems finishing, or is finishing the main goal?

I can't wait to see what you have completed this week. 

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  1. Love the bag!
    It takes so long to collect a decent quantity of selvedges I didn't realise you could buy a jelly roll of them! Can you let me have details please??

  2. Beautiful bag!
    I too have all the problems you have listed causing me to procrastinate things - from starting to finishing a project :(

  3. Love the bag- good luck with the challenge!

  4. Love the Bag, I'm currently finishing off the first of my 52 weeks projects and am hoping to post photos each friday... you've inspired me to complete some UFO's and give my sadly neglected blog some love...Thanks

  5. Thanks for putting words to some of the problems I too have faced during quilting projects.

  6. Very good use of fabric.
    I love the creative process and it is evident that you do as well.
    Joy in the Journey,

  7. I want to know what you learned new about linings? blessings, marlene

  8. Some very beautiful projects this week!!

  9. Ooo I love the blues in this, so pretty!