Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bumper Crop of Tomatoes

Our little garden (3 ft wide x 15 ft long) produced a bountiful crop of delicious tomatoes this summer. We have had beef eaters, plum, grape, and best of all - cherry tomatoes starting mid-summer and still producing mid September.  Nothing else in the garden did well at all due to the extremely dry summer we've had.  The bright side of the lack of rain was that we had a lovely summer without mosquitoes!

In other news, there are some new hand dyed batik fat quarter bundles in my shop.  I dismantled a few of the large Bali Batik bundles from Hoffman Fabrics into packs of four and five fat quarters.  This way you can sample some of the lusciousness at a smaller price.

And don't forget, if you purchase from my shop either today or tomorrow, you will be entered into the Giveaway for a 40 piece Tonga Treat.  The drawing is Monday, so don't miss out!

Happy Sewing ♥

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  1. Kym!! I'm so jealous of your tomatoes!! We planted 24 plants and weren't able to get anything good from them. We had SO much rain in Iowa this year that the tomatoes were no good. I have been really bummed over that! However, the bell peppers we put in have been doing great. But...there is just nothing like popping open a can of home grown tomatoes over the winter. I'm glad you had a good year!!