Monday, September 6, 2010

Adirondack Extreme

Over the Labor Day Weekend six of my family members ventured a treetop experience at Adirondack Extreme - an  elevated obstacle course set in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains and securely suspended between the trees at 10 to 50 feet off the ground.  Some of the features of course include giant Tyrolean Zip lines, suspended bridges, swings, slides, nets and even an aerial surf board.

We had quite an adventure!

First we received a brief 15 minutes of instruction, and got to try out our equipment on a beginner course, before climbing into the trees.  Adirondack Extreme calls it setting loose your inner monkey.  The route consists of five progressively more difficult obstacle courses labeled by color and titled with such names as Discovery, Adrenaline, and No Limit.  I made it through the first three courses along with my ten year old granddaughter.  I probably could have pushed myself to go farther, but it might not have remained fun.

We started late in the afternoon, so the furthest any of us got was completing four out of the five available courses.  As darkness set in, we took our last zipline ride, and then headed off to Friendly's for dinner and a Sundae, tired but happy.

Happy Sewing♥

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