Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Sampler Block #3 - Depression Block

Accuquilt calls the block I am featuring this week the Depression Block.  It is an attractive block, but I don't really like the name.  Does anyone know another name for this block?

Makes a 12" block

You will need the following dies:
(A)  55002    4 7/8" Triangle 
(B)  55009    Half Square 3" Finished Triangle
(C)  55019    4 3/4" Square

Choose 4 fat quarters, 1 medium for the background color, 1 light, 1 medium for the large triangles, and one dark for the center (or any other combination you like).  You can use scraps for this block too, as long as you have enough of each fabric to cut the required number of shapes for each color.

Cut 1 from die (C) 4 3/4" Square.  You will be using this on point.
Cut 4 from die (A) 4 7/8" triangle
Cut 4 of your light fabric from die (B) Half Square 3" Finished Triangle
Also cut 16 of your background medium fabric from die (B)

If you are using a rotary cutter:
Cut 1 4 3/4" square from dark for center
Cut two 5 3/4" squares of medium fabric, cut on the diagonal to get four 4 7/8" triangles
Cut two 3 7/8 squares of light fabric, cut on the diagonal to get four 3" triangles
Also cut eight 3 7/8" squares of background medium fabric, cut on the diagonal to get sixteen 3" triangles.

Note: all seam allowances are 1/4 inch.

This is a simple block which looks great and finishes at a large 12".  It won't take many of these to make a quilt.  One block finishes into a placemat with some borders added.  You could also make a nice tote with a couple of blocks and some coordinating fabrics.  

So, lets get started....

Stitch 4 light B's to 4 medium B's

Press toward medium B
Stitch medium B to one short side of piece A.  Press toward A.  Stitch medium B to remaining short side of A, and again press toward A. Make three more triangle units the same way.

Stitch 1 light/medium B unit to each short side of one of the large triangle units you just made.  Press toward outside B's. Make a second one the same way.  You will have two triangle units left over.

Stitch 4 medium B's to all sides of Square C, pressing toward B's after each side is joined.

Stitch remaining triangle units to opposite sides of center unit. Press toward triangle units.

Stitch rows together,  locking and pinning opposing seams for a perfect match.

Here's the finished block.

 I've made a set of place mats with this block by adding two narrow and two wider borders.

I am liking the way my sampler blocks are coming along so far.  Before long, I will have enough for a quilt!  I have some other ideas in mind for the pre-cut blocks too, check back next week for those. 

Happy Sewing ♥
P.S. - If anyone would like to share their finished blocks,
I would be delighted to post a picture, or link, them on my blog.

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