Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New Hoffman Shipment

I love the quality of Hoffman fabrics.  From the packaging, right through to the exquisite detail in every design, they are top notch in my book.

Their batiks are superb, and I am enjoying getting to know some of their screen prints too.

Indian Summer Meadow Gold

These are a few of the fabrics from their new lines that came in yesterday. I will be listing them in my shop over the next week or so.

In case you missed the announcement, you now earn a point for every dollar you spend on fabrics, tools, and supplies.  100 points = a $10 gift certificate to spend on anything you like in my shop.  Earn extra points by emailing me a picture of something you make with the fabric you buy, and if I use it in a promotion you will get 20 points more toward your reward.

Silver and Smoke Batiks

Happy Sewing ♥

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  1. drooling - you really need to stop selling fabric - my husband is not going to like you.