Thursday, February 11, 2010

Just Because I Want To

My favorite part of the Thing-A-Day Challenge is the "permission" it gives me to craft just because I feel like it, and not because I should.  It gives me the freedom to try new things without feeling like I might be wasting my time.

Of course the projects I "should" be working on are still there.  And I have been working on them as well.  But crafting just for the sheer enjoyment of it is exhilarating!

Today's project is simply clothesline, thread, and batik strips from a bali pop cut in half lengthwise.  I am wrapping the cording as I sew with the cotton strips, and zigzagging the covered cording on my sewing machine.  Years ago I made a set of chair pads with braided fabric.  This process is similar, but much faster.  This started out to be the first of a set of chair pads.  I am not sure if that is how it will end up, but I am enjoying the process.

P.S. - I saw baskets at a quilt retreat made with much thicker cotton cording.  If anyone knows where I can find that cording, please let me know.

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